Bricklayers Wakefield

The costs of poor workmanship

As one of the most respectable bricklaying companies in our region, we go above and beyond to complete our projects. We serve public and private clients by offering them the finest bricklayers Wakefield has available. We have a reliable team of professionals, so you can trust us on every job.

Bricklayers West Yorks

Identifying the three main types of bricks

When most people think about bricks they will probably imagine the most common type – the red, clay ones. However, these are just one style of facing brick. There are actually lots of options here. In addition there are two other main types; engineering and common brick. Because we are one of the leading bricklayers…

Bricklayers Huddersfield

Why is building with bricks so popular?

In the UK bricks are still the top choice for building materials. This is true whether it is homes, boundary walls, or heavy duty structures. There are many great reasons for using them. As one of the leading bricklayers Huddersfield has, we know very well why people will likely continue using these materials for many…

Using Portland cement in mortar

Using the right type of mortar on a masonry project is crucial. It makes up about 30% of the whole surface and is responsible for proving stability. However, you need to think about things like the hardness, breathability, and how quickly it sets. As one of the leading bricklayers Dewsbury has, we can help clients…

Bricklayers Halifax

A quick look at brick sizes

Whether you are building something new, adding an extension, or repairing walls, you need to think about brick sizes. There is a lot of choice here and it is not always easy to decide what to choose. Below is some useful information about the sizing. Best Brickwork has some of the most skilful bricklayers Halifax…

Bricklayers Leeds

Helpful advice for cutting bricks

Building with bricks is a great idea, whether you are creating homes, commercial buildings, boundary walls, or block paving. However, it may not be a simple case of laying all of them straight away. First you may need to cut some of them to size to suit your needs. Below we have some useful advice…