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Whether you are building something new, adding an extension, or repairing walls, you need to think about brick sizes. There is a lot of choice here and it is not always easy to decide what to choose. Below is some useful information about the sizing. Best Brickwork has some of the most skilful bricklayers Halifax can offer, so clients can trust us if they need help deciding.

Historical sizing

Brick sizes in the UK can vary a great deal. One of the reasons for this dates back to the introduction of a brick tax in 1784. This taxation would charge the producers per the number of bricks they made. They had a really funny way of beating this; increase the size of the bricks. So, sizes became bigger and there was more choice.

The UK Government chose to withdraw the brick tax in 1850 but the damage was already done. A lot of the manufacturers were now using machinery to create the larger bricks. As a result they chose to continue to do so even with the removal of the tax.


While there are lots of options today in terms of brick sizes, the most common option is a standard size of 65mm in height, 102.5mm wide, and 215mm long. The majority of buildings feature these bricks. It is also typical for these surfaces to have a 10mm mortar joint.

Not everyone chooses to use standard bricks though. In fact, there is a growing trend to use ones that are much longer but shorter in height. These thinner profile bricks tend to also have a thinner mortar joint. A lot of people like this kind of look because it is very contemporary.


When you come to choose bricks for a project there are some important things to consider. If it is an extension or repair, your choice will likely be limited to a similar size to the rest of the surface or structure. This helps the new work to blend in.

Another thing to think about is whether the size will mean you need to do more brick cutting. This is especially likely if you use non-standard sizes. You could find you have a lot of work to do to create suitable openings for doors and windows.

Thirdly, the choice of brick size will affect the mortar joint and setting of the bricks. You need to think about both of these, especially the first because it can make up a large percentage of the surface.

Ask the top bricklayers in Halifax about brick sizes

Best Brickwork is a team that has experience with various types of bricks, including a huge array of sizes. Our team can lay them effectively on any kind of project. We can even tackle tricky things like non-standard openings.

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