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Calculating how many bricks you will need

Whether you are building a simple garden wall or a full estate of homes, you need to be careful when you order bricks. Most importantly, you have to make sure you buy a sufficient number. If you don’t, you could have all kinds of issues, including being unable to finish the project or suffering big…

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Helpful advice for cutting bricks

Building with bricks is a great idea, whether you are creating homes, commercial buildings, boundary walls, or block paving. However, it may not be a simple case of laying all of them straight away. First you may need to cut some of them to size to suit your needs. Below we have some useful advice…

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Safely using muriatic acid to clean masonry

To maximise quality people should hire the best bricklayers Bradford has to offer. We can help here. Our business is a long serving specialist with an excellent amount of experience in the industry. As a result, our team have the skills they need to do a great job. In addition, we are very passionate about…

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The right ways to mix mortar

Our business is one with a vast amount of experience in the bricklaying profession. In fact, we have become the best bricklayers Wakefield has to offer. The people we serve come from the private and public sectors. As a result, we are more than capable of handling any project you ask us to.

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What appearance do you want for your bricks?

Clay bricks are one of the most popular building materials in the UK. They are strong, durable, and long lasting. More importantly they can vary in terms of the appearance. This gives people a lot more choice. As the top bricklayers West Yorks has, we can help clients to choose the right type of brick…

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Why finish brickwork joints?

Great brickwork will have high quality joints. They are an indication that the job was a professional one and that the bricklayer took care to finish them properly. As the top bricklayers Huddersfield has, we have the skills to make sure every joint is great. Clients can rely on us for repairs as well as…

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Tips for laying bricks in hot months

Most people will choose summer and autumn months for their brick laying and masonry projects. Their goal is to ensure the weather is nicer so it is safer to work outside and to avoid issues with working in the cold. However, there are also some issues when you work in really hot conditions. As one…

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Key considerations when hiring brick layers

Brickwork is one place where you should not compromise on quality. If you do the structure may not be stable, as durable as it should be, or aesthetically pleasing. It is even more important if it is a repair job for a period building. Bad work here could cause far more harm than good. The…

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Adapting brick laying practice in winter

It is always better to leave brickwork projects until dry, warmer months. However, in some cases this is not possible. If it is necessary to work in winter, it is important to adapt to account for the conditions. This will help to ensure the workmanship is still good. As the top brick layers West Yorks…

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Useful tips for mortar repairs

Brick walls wouldn’t be strong and sturdy without the mortar to create strong joints and stability. However, it won’t last forever. In time the mortar can start to crack and recede. In some cases chunks can fall out. When this happens it is a good idea to get repointing to repair the walls. As the…