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Jointing or pointing – Which do you need?

Do you know how important the finishing is on a piece of brickwork? Whether it is a garden wall or your home, a good finish on the mortar joints can make all the difference. At Best Brickwork we work hard to provide superior workmanship on every project. Our goal is to make sure that every…

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Building straight walls

One of the best signs of good brickwork is how straight the walls are. Sadly some brick layers will cut corners or fail to use a line or level. If they do you can easily end up with a wall that is not straight, uneven, or out of plumb (not vertical). However, if you work…

Brick layers Huddersfield

Ways to spot a good brick layer

Choosing the right tradesperson is important whatever kind of work you get. However, if it is building, you need the best brickwork contractors. Their skills will have an impact on the whole project so they need to be experts. It is also wise to build a good relationship with them. If you are looking for…

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The importance of repointing brickwork

We are one of the foremost bricklaying companies working today. A large part of our success comes down to our team. It includes some of the most skilful brickwork contractors Bradford has ever seen. If you need any kind of service, from new builds to repairs or repointing, we will be able to help.

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You should consider exposing your brickwork

As the best brickwork contractors Wakefield has available, we aim to provide first rate results for every client. This is the case for all of our projects. Those who choose to work with us do so because they know we set the highest standards. They can rely on us to deliver great workmanship every time.

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What is the strongest brick bond?

A number of things determine how strong a brick wall will be. For example, you need to think about the bricks themselves, the type of mortar, and the environment. However, the brick bond is probably the most important. Choose the wrong one and you may have a structure that will fail faster than it should.…

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What to do about old brick walls

The great thing about bricks is they can last for many years. However, they will deteriorate in time. This can cause a number of issues. It is also a tricky issue when it comes to historic properties. Luckily, Best Brickwork can help. We are one of the most skilful brickwork contractors Huddersfield has, and have…

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What are bricks made of?

When people think about bricks they normally just focus on what they look and feel like. However, what they are made of is very important. This can have an impact on how long they will last and even how they will age. As one of the best brickwork contractors Bradford has, we know a lot…

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What type of mortar do you need?

The key to getting the perfect brickwork is to choose the right bricks and the correct mortar. However, there are lots of options with both. Luckily, we can help so you don’t have to risk making the wrong choices. We are one of the best brickwork contractors Wakefield has, so clients can rely on us.