Best Brickwork strives to offer the highest quality workmanship on every single project. With over 40 years of experience, clients can trust us to give them a great service. We take on all kinds of projects, supporting private individuals who want to build their own home as well as public and private sector companies. Our goal is to ensure we are the top brickwork contractors Huddersfield has to offer.


Brickwork Contractors HuddersfieldBricklaying is a very important skill and is crucial for creating sturdy, great looking buildings. We excel here because we set the very highest standards or every single job.

One thing that clients can rely on is that we are a true professional business. For starters we are an accredited brickwork company. This includes membership with SMAS. We are also part of the CHAS scheme. Every bricklayer and labourer is also a CSCS card holder. As a result we always work safely and with best practice in mind.

We are so confident in the skills of our team that we offer 100% guarantees on every single job. That means we will correct any kind of issue in the very unlikely event that there is one.

Our services

The core of our service is offering first rate brickwork, regardless of the scale of the building. We can work effectively with various types of brick and stone. Most importantly we ensure the job goes smoothly and stays within budget and the timescale.

In addition to brickwork we can provide blockwork, masonry/stonework, and ashlar walling. Whatever the material, we have the expertise to work with it.

We are happy to work on any kind of project, from new builds to refurbishments and also conservation projects. With the latter two we will ensure any new work is complementary.

Brickwork contractors in Huddersfield

When you hire Best Brickwork you can rely on us to uphold our core principles. They include:

  • Exceeding customer expectations
  • Offering high quality workmanship at a fair price
  • Effective quality control
  • Delivering programmes on time

If that wasn’t enough, we strive to be the most honest and reliable company in our industry. This gives all clients the assurance that they are working with tradespeople they can trust.

Yet another thing that makes us the top brickwork contractors Huddersfield can offer is how we support our clients. If you have any questions about materials or techniques, we can help. It is our pleasure to work with each client to ensure they get the best value for their whole project.

Contact Best Brickwork today if you would like help or a quote.