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One of the best signs of good brickwork is how straight the walls are. Sadly some brick layers will cut corners or fail to use a line or level. If they do you can easily end up with a wall that is not straight, uneven, or out of plumb (not vertical). However, if you work with Best Brickwork you will get a great service. We have the most skilful brick layers West Yorks can offer, ensuring every client will get great walls.

Using a level or line

When it is short walls, such as a boundary for a garden, a level may be sufficient to ensure they are straight. But, if it is a longer, taller wall, you will need to use a line. The best brick layers will spend a lot of time learning how to properly lay their lines. After all, it is a vital skill.

The lines must be straight and level. There are two ways to do this. One option is to build corner leads. This is a section of the wall that a master mason will lay first as a guide. The line will run from these leads, providing a level guide to work to.

The second option is to use corner poles. They attach plumb to the structural frame. Each pole will have markings on to indicate the level for each course.

Whether you use corner leads or poles, it is important to run the lines carefully. They must be the same height at each end. It is also vital that the lines are securely in place. There are several options here, including using line blocks, pins, stretchers, or nails.

When pulling the line taut, it must be as tight as possible. This is because the tighter it is, the straighter it will be. If it is too slack, it won’t be as straight due to the excessive slack. However, it is important to be careful and think about safety when pulling the line. Pull too hard and it can damage the corner leads or pole, or pull whatever is holding the line in place free.

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Best Brickwork is a professional company with some of the most skilful people in our industry. We are ready to take on all kinds of projects, from new builds to conservation work. We even work with developers to provide brick laying for new estates.

If you want a reliable service from top brick layers, West Yorks has nobody better. Get in touch with us today.