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Whether you are building a simple garden wall or a full estate of homes, you need to be careful when you order bricks. Most importantly, you have to make sure you buy a sufficient number. If you don’t, you could have all kinds of issues, including being unable to finish the project or suffering big delays. If you need help here, we can give you some useful advice. Best Brickwork has some of the top bricklayers Barnsley can offer.

Things to think about

You need several important pieces of information to calculate how many bricks you will require. Firstly, you have to decide on the type of structure and how thick the wall will be. Naturally you will need fewer for a wall that is only a half brick thick. This is usually around 60 bricks per square metre. However, the amount doubles when you are building walls that are a full brick thick. You also have to decide whether you need piers or pillars. If so, you will need more bricks.

Secondly, you must know the surface area. This will be a pretty easy calculation of the length times the height of the structure.

You should now be in a good position to calculate how many actual bricks you will likely need. Simply times the surface area by the amount you would require to build either a half brick or full brick wall. Then you can add extra bricks for any piers you have to build.

The number you get here is not how many bricks you should order though. If you do that you fail to account for brick wastage. That would mean you don’t have enough if some bricks break during unloading, while handling them on site, or when they are being cut or laid. It is good practice to order 10% more to allow for any issues. Some people buy more to store for the future in case there is damage. This can help them to get a more accurate colour match.

Working with top bricklayers in Barnsley

Best Brickwork is a team you can speak to about all kinds of projects. We can give you plenty of useful advice, including an assessment of how many bricks you may need for different projects. Then, once you are happy and choose to go ahead, we can handle the building for you. Our team are experts, ensuring they lay brick and finish it effectively.

So, if you need help from the most reputable bricklayers Barnsley has to offer, contact us. We work with private individuals and developers, scaling our service to suit any needs.