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The bed joints are one of the most important parts of brickwork and masonry. Without them, structures would not have the necessary stability. The joints create bonds between materials and allow a certain amount of movement. This can stop them from collapsing under lateral loads and reduces the risk of cracking. As one of the top bricklayers Halifax has, we know how important it is to get each bed joint right.

How big should bed joints be?

Ideally you want the joints to be a consistent, standard size. This should be between a quarter and half an inch wide, and between the same measurements in thickness. In most cases it is best not to exceed 10mm for the joints.

What are the problems if the joints are too thick?

Thicker bed joints result in much lower masonry strength. This occurs because there are higher lateral tensile stresses. In some cases a thick joint can collapse during the building process because there is simply too much material in between the bricks and they can move.

As we said above, in most cases the best option is to have a bed joint that is 10mm thick. If you had joints that were 6-9mm thicker, they could have as much as 30% less compressive strength.

The thicker joints can also be a big waste of mortar. You’ll be using far more than necessary on every single joint. At the end of the project that could be a huge amount of extra materials. It will make the project more costly and you are unlikely to see a benefit if the walls have less strength.

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