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When most people think about bricks they will probably imagine the most common type – the red, clay ones. However, these are just one style of facing brick. There are actually lots of options here. In addition there are two other main types; engineering and common brick. Because we are one of the leading bricklayers West Yorks has, we want to help people to differentiate between these three main types.

Facing brick

These bricks are the material of choice for creating facades. There are hundreds of different options here, including different sizes, shapes, colours, and finishes.

It is also possible to separate the materials into two broad categories; soft mud or wirecut. These reflect how the bricks are made. The first require brick moulds and have a more traditional handmade appearance. The latter utilises extrusion to create more uniform bricks.

Whatever type you opt for here, the choice will generally be down to the aesthetics. However, you must also think about strength and weathering.

Engineering brick

The second type is less common and generally only used on civil projects where the physical characteristics are more vital than looks. These bricks tend to have much higher compressive strength. They can also have more resistance to wear.

There are actually different classes of engineering bricks. They have either Class A or Class B rating. The first have a higher compressive strength and absorb less water.

Common brick

The final type actually has less strength than both facing and engineering bricks. As a result their use is generally limited to internal non-load bearing brickwork only.

Hiring top bricklayers in West Yorks

Best Brickwork appreciates when to use each different type of brick. Our team have a lot of experience working with each of them and can create fantastic structures. We can also advise clients if they are not sure what type to choose for a project.

So, if you want to work with some of the most proficient bricklayers West Yorks can offer, contact us. You can also learn more about what we can do by browsing our website.