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In our last article we spoke about matching bricks to make repairs and new work blend into the property. Sadly, it is not always possible to find a good match. Here brick tinting may be the best option for you. Below we want to take a closer look at how it works so you can decide if it is something you want to look into. We are proud to be some of the best bricklayers Barnsley has and will happily suggest services to clients to help them get the look they want for their property.

What is it?

The tinting process is a way of altering the colour of bricks to make them slightly lighter or darker. It can even help to introduce different colours into the brick. The process works by using water based pigments. They soak into the brick and result in a chemical bond. The end result is a change in colour but a final brick that looks more natural and retains its texture. As a result this is usually a better option than painting.

A great thing about tinting is it is possible to create a unique pigment for each project. As a result the technique can help to resolve various issues with brick and mortar. For example you could use it to get rid of colour banding, tackle stains, enhance features, and even recreate an older look.

Things to think about

Not every brick is suitable for tinting. It works best on new clay bricks. Ideally you want sand faced bricks because they have a higher rate of absorption. Harder, smoother engineering brick is more difficult to tint. Other types of brick, including concrete and traditional sand lime, may not work at all.

Any bricks that have been sealed or waterproofed usually won’t accept the tint. Instead the water and pigment will likely just run off rather than being absorbed.

Even though you are choosing tinting, you still need to be careful in regards to the colour of the bricks. The best thing to do is get as close to a colour match as you can but go a little bit lighter. The tint can then darken the bricks so they are closer to what you already have. Keep in mind that it is always easier to make the brick darker than it is to lighten it.

Work with top bricklayers in Barnsley

At Best Brickwork we have seen many projects where people need to make their new work blend in with existing bricks. We do our best to help, including offering advice about different types of brick and mortar. However, in some cases the only option will be to look into tinting. The results can be great, especially if you work with an experienced specialist.

If you are planning a project, whether it is a repair, an extension, or a full new build, we would love to help. We have built our reputation by offering consistent standards on every job. This includes small projects as well as work on huge estates. Today we are known as one of the most reliable bricklayers Barnsley has.

So, contact us if you want to talk about a project.