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Do you know how important the finishing is on a piece of brickwork? Whether it is a garden wall or your home, a good finish on the mortar joints can make all the difference. At Best Brickwork we work hard to provide superior workmanship on every project. Our goal is to make sure that every surface looks great, whether it is a new build or a period property. Clients can work with us confident they have the top brick layers Wakefield can offer on their side.

Different affects

The type of mortar you choose will affect the aesthetics of the surface. For example, you can select the colour and tone carefully to either make the brick seem lighter or darker. On top of this, the joints themselves can affect how the light hits the surface. One angle could create a shadow to highlight the texture of the brick. Alternatively, you could choose a subtle profile to make the whole surface seem homogeneous.

You may notice that the quality of the joints is even more important on historic buildings. In many cases the bricks builders were using during these periods were less uniform in terms of the colour and shape. As a result, it was up to the mortar finishing to add accuracy.


In some cases, particularly on historic properties, brick layers would finish the joints as they were working. This process is known as jointing. For a long time the brick layer would use a trowel to shape the joint. However, the use of proper jointing tools became predominant in the 17th century.

The great thing about this way of finishing the mortar is the joints can be uniform in terms of the colour and strength. The practice also meant fewer labour costs as there was no need for someone to come and finish the mortar later.


Another option for finishing the mortar is to point it. This involves applying a second mortar to the joint afterwards. Usually the mortar was better quality to ensure the whole facade had a nicer finish.

There are several advantages to pointing. As we said above, it could provide a nicer finish because someone would spend time on doing it. The result is superior joints that are more uniform. The practice also meant there was a wider choice of joint finishes as the additional mortar could be shaped in different ways.

Brick layers in Wakefield

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