Brick Layers Wakefield

Brickwork is one place where you should not compromise on quality. If you do the structure may not be stable, as durable as it should be, or aesthetically pleasing. It is even more important if it is a repair job for a period building. Bad work here could cause far more harm than good. The crucial thing to do is hire the right people. As the top brick layers Wakefield has, we are a company locals here can rely on.


Before you hire a brick layer you should ask about how they operate. This can have an impact on how long the job will take. In most cases there will be a three person gang because it is the most efficient option. This will include two competent brick layers plus a labourer. It will be the labourer’s job to keep up a steady supply or bricks, blocks and mortar so the other two people can focus on laying and finishing the brickwork.


Every project will have a unique timeframe. It is important to think about this and determine how much time the brick layers have to play with. Efficient gangs could lay an average of 1,200 bricks per day, weather permitting. However, a number of things will affect the speed. This includes the brick bond, type of pointing, and the type of wall. In addition things like openings and lintels can delay progress.

Providing specifications

The best thing you can do is ensure you have detailed specifications to give to the brick layers. This can give them all the info they need about the project before they start working. It will ensure they know what you require for the work.

Check credentials

Finally you should always check the credentials. The last thing you want to happen is for contractors to arrive on site and begin working only for you to notice they are not professional. Instead, make sure you are choosing the right people. Look at their past projects, qualifications, and testimonials.

Choose the most reliable brick layers in Wakefield

Best Brickwork is a professional company with an excellent reputation. We have the skills to handle various jobs, including work on housing estates and conservation. Our goal is to ensure every client is happy with the workmanship and quality of our service. A big part of the latter is ensuring we stay on time and within budget.

So, if you want to hire brick layers Wakefield has no better option than us. Get in touch today to tell us your project brief.