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Our speciality is offering top tier workers for brickwork and masonry projects. We are confident we have some of the greatest bricklayers Bradford has available. In fact, we are an accredited business with the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme. In addition, we are a SMAS member. This gives our clients complete peace of mind when they work with us.

Brick is one of the UK’s foremost construction materials. It is also one of our oldest man-made substances. The material weathers well, is durable, and lasts for many years. In addition it is naturally more environmentally friendly than several alternatives. However, many wonder how we can carry on enhancing the ways we use brick in sustainable ways.


One way would be to repair as much as possible. Repairs can often appear complex. Yet, they can save on waste. Rather than tearing walls down that are in bad condition, you can stitch together the old to the fresh. The renovation of Warwickshire’s Astley Castle is a great example to use. This project proves how you can use clay brickwork to infill spaces in the building.

Brick specials

You should also keep the number of brick specials low. Preparing the brick layouts for a structure is time consuming. However, when you do it carefully and cleverly, you can save on specially cut bricks. Lowering the requirement for too many extra bricks reduces costs and waste.

People often feel a temptation to design special bricks to introduce another dimension to the brickwork. While it is true that most factories can manufacture very intricate designs, special bricks cost a lot more. We mean this in terms of the carbon footprint as well as economically. Therefore, you should minimise the use.

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Best Brickwork has a huge amount of experience from working with a large variety of clients. The team has spent time working with people belonging to the private and public sectors. As a result, we can easily see to all your project requirements.

So, if there is a problem only the best bricklayers Bradford can solve, contact us. We can offer tips, quotes, and help make your project a more sustainable success.