Bricklayers Dewsbury

If you look around England and the rest of the UK you can see some really big differences in the bricks. The regional varieties are really interesting and can have an impact on new projects. As one of the top bricklayers Dewsbury has, we can help clients to select the right materials. We can then offer expert bricklaying to suit any needs.

Why is there so much variety?

The regional differences are because in the past bricks were produced locally using local materials. Manufacturers had to do this because the raw materials were heavy and expensive to transport. As a result, most of them would set up close to clay reserves in each area. Builders in these areas would use these products because once again it was very expensive to transport them from elsewhere.


In the North of England the bricks are typically red. However, in the South you will see paler tones. Then, there can be even bigger differences between local areas. For example you see a lot of brighter orange bricks in the South-East. In the Midlands the bricks tend to be much deeper reds. Then you have London where they are usually yellow.

Shape and finish

The colour is not the only thing that can vary so much by region. The actual shape and finish of the bricks can too. In the north you can see cleaner, more uniform products. This is because producers favoured the extrusion method to create them. Producers in the south tended to make stock bricks, moulding them by hand. As a result the shapes and finishes are more irregular.


Another way the bricks can vary by region is the sizing. In the north you tend to see large bricks, sometimes up to 73mm. However, in the south the sizing was generally up to 68mm. Again the difference was due to what the local manufacturers were doing.

Working with bricklayers in Dewsbury

If you have a project in mind, you need to think carefully about what kind of bricks you want to use. In some cases you may need to use very specific ones to match other buildings in the local areas. At other times you may be free to choose whatever style you want.

Best Brickwork is a company you can rely on regardless of the type of brick you want to use. Our team of bricklayers have the skills to work with all of them. They can handle new builds as well as repairs and additions to existing buildings. On every project we deliver the highest standards and great value for money.

So, if you want to hire the top bricklayers Dewsbury has, speak to us. We are confident you will love working with us.