Bricklayers Wakefield

As one of the most respectable bricklaying companies in our region, we go above and beyond to complete our projects. We serve public and private clients by offering them the finest bricklayers Wakefield has available. We have a reliable team of professionals, so you can trust us on every job.

While brick and masonry are still leading choices for construction projects, there can be a number of defects with some of the work. There are a number of common problems that show up on nearly every site. Usually, this is the case due to lacklustre workmanship. The following are examples of the defects to look out for.

Thick bed joints

Firstly, we have bed joints that are unnecessarily thick. These are about as bad as a joint that does not have enough mortar. When they are too thick, they are capable of out-stressing the bricks. In addition, the compressive strength of the bricks can deteriorate. The regular thickness for bed joints is 10mm.

Alignment deviation

This is another concern. A substation reduction in brick strength occurs when you don’t properly align the brick wall. It is not difficult to rectify this problem fortunately. All you need to do is install wall starter screw tiles or wavy tail brick tiles. The installation process is simple and can aid you in stopping the damage from misaligned deviation.

Unfilled bed joints

The last mistake we will talk about is one of the worst. Leaving the gaps between the bricks unfilled is actually a common issue. It normally occurs when a team is in a hurry. Workers rush the job and get careless. When they do leave bed joints empty, it can weaken the brickwork by as much as 33%.

Hiring expert bricklayers in Wakefield

At Best Brickwork we have the experience of working on a wide variety of buildings and sites. This includes standard houses, estates, and more complex apartment blocks. We even provide services in the commercial sector. On every job we do our best to avoid issues by never rushing the jobs.

If you want to work with us, please let us know. You can have confidence that we will deliver quality services and every brick will be laid by some of the best bricklayers Wakefield can offer. We even offer guarantees on our work.