Brickwork contractors Bradford

We are one of the foremost bricklaying companies working today. A large part of our success comes down to our team. It includes some of the most skilful brickwork contractors Bradford has ever seen. If you need any kind of service, from new builds to repairs or repointing, we will be able to help.

Sometimes, you may need to repoint your brickwork. This consists of repacking the mortar sitting inside the joint. It is between the stone blocks or individual bricks that comprise the external skin of your house. This work can assist you in safeguarding against interior issues like damp. At the same time, it can freshen up your property’s appearance too.

A critical task

Repointing the brickwork is a vital maintenance task. You must do it if you wish for your house to weather the elements properly. Your property could be stone or brick. Whatever the case, mortar can account for as much as 15% of the total surface area. Therefore, it is not difficult to see what a massive impact the work can have. This is for both the performance and stability of your structure, as well as its final appearance. If you require the finest brickwork contractors Bradford has, please speak to us.

Doing a repointing project should be high on your priority list when you are renovating your home. Damaged or missing mortar tends to lead to leakages and causes damp. For those who don’t know, mortar is the medium that separates all the masonry units from each other. It safeguards the structure from water ingress. In addition, it can fill irregularities on the brick’s bedding faces or blocks.

Mortar will degrade at some point

You can create mortar using a plethora of materials. Whatever you use, it will be softer than stone and bricks are. As a result, it will begin to deteriorate at some point or another. This is a natural procedure. If mortar was harder than the bricks, they would take the impact of the weathering. It would mean they erode and fail instead.

Replacing the brickwork is a much more disruptive and expensive job than repointing it is. The best repointing jobs on a home will also be able to last several decades.

You may already be able to see open joints encircling the mortar bed. If you can, then the time to repoint has arrived. Fortunately, it is a job we can handle.

Reliable brickwork contractors in Bradford

At Best Brickwork, we work very hard to provide a reliable service every time. Clients make us their first choice because they know we are fair and honest. We also aim to complete all our projects on time. Plus, our prices are some of the best too.

So, if you would like to do business with the top brickwork contractors Bradford has, please let us know.