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Our business is one with a vast amount of experience in the bricklaying profession. In fact, we have become the best bricklayers Wakefield has to offer. The people we serve come from the private and public sectors. As a result, we are more than capable of handling any project you ask us to.

In our field, the mortar is a vital component that you need to mix with care. For those that don’t know, this is the bonding substance to use between the masonry materials. These include stone, concrete blocks, and bricks. Mortars can be a mix of sand, lime, cement, and water in differing ratios.

Every mortar mix is specific. As such, you need to use the proper one for your project. It is preferable to use fresh cement when you are mixing mortar. Open bags typically absorb environmental humidity. This alters the water percentage.

A 90 minute window

Most mortars are usable for around 90 minutes. When this time passes, it is best to dispose of any you have left. At this point it begins to lose some important attributes. This includes workability.

In addition, weather can influence how manageable the mortar is and how it reacts. Ensure that you plan for this. It may be necessary to adapt what you are doing or even stop working until conditions improve.


For a successful mortar mix, you need to be consistent. Attempt to use the same materials. Use the precise amount of material batch after batch. You can employ a bucket or pail to guarantee that you are using the same amount for the other batches.

Mix your mortar for no longer than five minutes and no less than three. This is after you introduce the final materials to your tub or mixer. Add all the components when hand-mixing prior to adding the water.

Working with expert bricklayers in Wakefield

Best Brickwork is a passionate team capable of offering you a wide range of services, including blockwork, brick, and stone packages. In addition, we are an accredited company that is part of the Contractors Health & Safety Assessment Scheme. We are a member of SMAS too. This gives clients peace of mind when they work with us.

So, if you want help from the greatest bricklayers Wakefield has, we are the company for you. Simply get in touch and tell us about your project.