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We are a team of brickwork contractors Wakefield clients frequently rely on to meet their needs. As specialists in this field, it is our job to offer top quality results. Our skills are extensive so we can handle all kinds of projects. So, when you do business with us, you can expect us to deliver wonderful results on time and for a fair price.

Our services are very broad, including various kinds of brickwork, blockwork, masonry, and more. Mortar plays an essential part in all of them. Since this is the case, you must understand the requirements for using it.

General requirements

We will begin with the general requirements. You should pick mortar according to the specifications and exposure conditions. Something you should not do is add calcium chloride and ethylene glycol. The same goes for admixtures that include these substances.

In addition, you should not use entraining, air or similar admixtures. This is unless the manufacturer or designer recommendations say otherwise.

When you need mortar strength for structural reasons, see to it that you make considerations to enable movement. Once the mortar starts to set, it cannot be knocked up.


When you work in cold weather, you should make certain that you protect your newly built work. Use a waterproof sheet to keep the frost and rain away.

One thing you should not do is mix mortar when the air temperature is at 2ยบC or under. Don’t use any semi-finished mortar or sand containing ice particles. You should not lay your mortar on frozen surfaces either. Another bad idea is using wet blocks or bricks if there is a risk of freezing.

Working while it is warm

Let’s move on to working in the warm weather. What you can do here is use certain clay bricks and their incredibly absorbent attributes. You can wet them so they can assist you in minimising suction when things are constantly hot. Whatever you do, avoid using the wetting technique on other semi-complete walls or types of brick.

With additives, you are free to add plasticisers and other additives to your mortar mix. This can enhance workability. You should only use those goods designed specifically as mortar additives. Never use things like washing up liquid or similar items.

The top brickwork contractors in Wakefield

At Best Brickwork, we serve clients from both the private and public sectors. Our skills are broad, including everything from new builds to repairs and conservation. In addition to standard brickwork and masonry, we can assist you with blockwork and ashlar walling.

If you need help from the most reliable brickwork contractors Wakefield has to offer, make sure you contact us. We can provide a quote as well as advice if you are unsure about anything.