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If you have never worked with us before, our speciality is brick laying. In fact, our team are among the top brick layers Bradford has. Whatever the project is, we make sure clients get the finest workmanship for a great price. We are a very reliable establishment and all our work comes with a 100% guarantee.

High quality brick masonry can last for many, many years. However, it can develop problems like cracking with time. This can be an expensive issue to rectify. The truth is that cracks can cause substantial damage to a building. Therefore, it is preferable to maintain your masonry. Otherwise, you may find you have to deal with worse problems.

There are several common masonry problems you can experience if you ignore your maintenance. We want to have a look at a few of them below.


This is one of the issues you may encounter. It is actually one of the less serious complications to fix. It is merely cosmetic in nature. As time passes, bricks stain because of exposure to the minerals and humidity in sunlight and water.

The wrong move here would be to paint your brick without talking to the experts first. Bricks must breathe. Therefore you don’t want to use a paint that will lock all the moisture inside. On top of that, if they are not sealed properly, this can potentially lead to structural damage.

Cracks in the crown

Another issue we feel the need to talk about is cracks in the crown. The chimney crown is the cement section on the top. It keeps snow and rain from entering the space between the tile flue liner and bricks. Should the structure of your chimney shift, it can develop cracks. Luckily you can do preventative maintenance. Before there is any substantial cracking, you can apply a crown coat.

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