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Brick matching is one of the most important parts of a repair or extension project. You want the new brickwork to blend in with the existing bricks. If it doesn’t, it will look bad and could ruin the aesthetics of the whole property. However, getting a good match can be really difficult. Luckily, we can help. Best Brickwork has some of the most skilful bricklayers Leeds clients can work with. We will give you all the support you need.

Most important things to think about

There are three crucial things to consider when you choose bricks for this kind of project. They are:


It is important to choose the same size bricks as the current build. Switching to a smaller or larger brick will make the new part stand out rather than blend in.

You may have a little difficulty with the sizing if your property was built before 1965. Older properties will likely have imperial size bricks. These are larger than newer, metric size bricks. With an older property it may be best to choose older, reclaimed imperial brick. It will look much better than choosing newer ones and increasing the mortar bed.


One of the hardest things to match is the colour. It can vary greatly because of the quality and specific quantities of different raw materials in the bricks. Even if you buy the same type of brick from the same producer, if it is not the same batch it can be slightly different. What you may need to do is blend bricks from different packs to get a nice finish. You may even need to choose reclaimed brick or tinting.


It is just as important to get the right texture match as it is to get a good colour match. You need to look at the bricks you have and check to see if they are smooth or coarse. Matching this is important to maintain a consistent look. Keep in mind that light reflects differently depending on the textures. You want this to match so you get the right look. It will also make the brickwork look better up close.

Consulting with bricklayers in Leeds

Best Brickwork is a company that clients can rely on with all kinds of projects. You can ask us about everything from choosing suitable bricks to getting the right brick bond. Then, you can expect us to offer some of the best workmanship.

So, if you want to work with reliable bricklayers, Leeds has few companies with a reputation as good as ours. Get in touch today to tell us what you have in mind.