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High quality bricklaying can add a lot of value to a project. For example, it will maximise the stability and performance of walls. In addition, the work will look much better when it is done professionally. If you want to work with the best brickwork contractors West Yorks has, we are the team for you.

The wealth of experience we have at Best Brickwork Ltd means we know all kinds of tips and tricks. As a result, we can deliver first rate workmanship on every project.

Ordering bricks

The first tip we have is not even about bricklaying itself. However, it can have a big impact on the whole project. What we suggest you do is order as many bricks as you can in one delivery. You need to avoid too many deliveries as different batches of bricks can look different and the sizes can vary slightly. This can make it difficult to get an attractive pattern.

Think about the elements

You should never lay bricks in the rain. This will cause big problems, including the risk of leaching and efflorescence. Instead, it is better to keep the brickwork dry and cover it against the elements.

Mixing bricks

Whether you get one order or several, you should try to mix the bricks from different packs. This can help to avoid issues like banding where the colour varies slightly. The best bricklayers will start off by combining bricks from several packs to create a sample and get an idea of how they need to mix them on the whole surface.

The right basic skills

Bricklayers learn many important core skills, including how to load a trowel, furrow a mortar bed, and buttering a joint. It is important to ensure that everyone masters these skills and works carefully. One thing to be careful with is the joints. It is better to do a full joint on each brick rather than a speed joint.


It is also important to get the pointing right. Sloppy work here is unforgivable and can ruin a surface. It is vital you choose the right type of pointing, whether it is flush, recessed, or weather struck.

Brickwork contractors in West Yorks

If you are planning a project and it involves any kind of bricklaying, Best Brickwork Ltd is a team you will want to work with. We offer first rate workmanship on every job. In addition, we guarantee every client will be happy with the work.

You can contact us if you have any questions about our skills or why we are one of the top brickwork contractors West Yorks has to offer. Or, view our website to see some of our projects. They give a better example of how excellent our brickworking is.