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One of the trickiest parts of making changes to an existing structure is brick matching. Even if it is something small like bricking up a window, it is better if the new work fits with the existing masonry. This can be difficult. However, it is something we have experience with. We work hard to get it right here, showcasing why clients are right to call us the best brickwork contractors Huddersfield has.

Find what the current bricks are

You should start by finding out what the original bricks are. There may be a chance that the manufacturer is still making them. If so, they will probably be your best option for matching the current ones. However, you need to keep in mind that each batch can be slightly different in terms of colour and texture, even when it is the same manufacturer. You’ll need to try a sample to make sure they will fit with your current masonry.


Sometimes you won’t be able to get the right mix of colours with just a single brick, even if it is from the same manufacturer as the original. What you may need to do here is blend two or more types of brick together. This can ensure you get the full range of colours. Just make sure you choose bricks that have the right face height and length.


If you can’t find the right colour and blending won’t work, another option is to stain the brick. What you can do here is choose a brick that is as close to the original in terms of the size, shape, and colour. You can then add stain to get a closer match.


While you need to focus on brick matching to make the new work fit in, you can’t ignore how vital it is to select the right mortar. This is a big part of the surface. If the colour is wildly different to what is on the existing masonry, even exact colour match bricks will look wrong. So, you need to put the effort in to choosing a mortar that will match too.

Brickwork contractors in Huddersfield

At Best Brickwork we have had the pleasure to work on a huge array of different projects. This includes jobs where we need to carefully match existing bricks and masonry. We will do all we can here to make the new work harmonise with the current surfaces.

If you have any questions, or would like a quote from the top brickwork contractors Huddersfield has, please contact us. We are a team you can rely on for any size project. We can even handle new builds in conservation areas where brick matching is vital.