Using the right type of mortar on a masonry project is crucial. It makes up about 30% of the whole surface and is responsible for proving stability. However, you need to think about things like the hardness, breathability, and how quickly it sets. As one of the leading bricklayers Dewsbury has, we can help clients to select the right mortars for their projects.

What is Portland cement?

Most modern mortars will include Portland cement. It is one of the core ingredients in concrete so it is a great option for mortar. Mixing it with sand and water creates a substance that is great for creating strong masonry joints. Each joint will be water resistant so it is a good option for particularly wet locations. Many people also appreciate how the mortar looks.


While it is a popular option, there are some downsides to using it. It is true the hardness can be a strength, but it can cause some issues. This is especially true when there is any structural movement. Settling can cause the mortar to crack. There can also be concerns about how breathable it is.

Adapting the mix

The solution is to use a mortar mix with helpful additives. This can help to reduce the hardness and improve breathability. The most popular option is to use hydrated lime or a plasticiser that contains lime. It replaces part of the Portland cement in the mix.

Adding lime can provide some really good benefits. Importantly it helps to improve workability and can soften the mortar so it forms stronger bonds. More impressive though is the fact it can make the mortar self healing. What this means is that it can heal small cracks when they form, helping to preserve the joints.

Rely on expert bricklayers in Dewsbury

Best Brickwork has a skilful team that can take on various projects. This includes building estates, individual homes, and repairs. We can even take on conservation work. Our goal every time is to use the right materials and expert workmanship to produce surfaces that are strong and aesthetically pleasing.

So, if you have a project in mind and want to work with reliable bricklayers Dewsbury clients rate highly, contact us. We can offer free quotes, advice, and more.