Brick layers Huddersfield

Choosing the right tradesperson is important whatever kind of work you get. However, if it is building, you need the best brickwork contractors. Their skills will have an impact on the whole project so they need to be experts. It is also wise to build a good relationship with them. If you are looking for brick layers Huddersfield has few that can measure up to us. Best Brickwork has a great reputation and the experience to handle various jobs.

What to look for?

Before you hire a brick layer, you should take the time to look at their past work. This will give you an idea of their skills and the kind of craftsmanship you can expect. Make sure you look at the bricks they work with and the kind of brick bonds they do. If you can, try to get some feedback from people who have had work from them in the past.

When you are looking at their past work, there are a number of things that can showcase how skilful a brick layer is. For example, you should check the mortar beds. The horizontal joints should be level and even. This shows care, accuracy, and attention to detail. The joints should also be carefully pointed.

Brick laying can be a messy job but a good contractor will make sure the walls are clean and presentable. Have a quick look for any smudges on the brickwork or splashed mortar.

Good cavity walls should have a damp proof course and a cavity tray. Both should be installed correctly, ensuring they are neat and even. The cavity should also be clean and clear.

It is also a good idea to check the quality of the blockwork. While some people think this is not as important as the bricks because it is hidden, it still needs to be right. The quality of the joints in the blocks also has a big impact on thermal insulation. You don’t want air gaps as it can allow heat to escape.

Expert brick layers in Huddersfield

If you want to work with a team you can rely on, Best Brickwork is here for you. Have a look at our website to see some examples of our work. You can also contact us if you have questions, would like to discuss a project, or want to get a quote. We work hard to make sure every project is a success, including building a great relationship with each client.