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Clay bricks are one of the most popular building materials in the UK. They are strong, durable, and long lasting. More importantly they can vary in terms of the appearance. This gives people a lot more choice. As the top bricklayers West Yorks has, we can help clients to choose the right type of brick for them.

Different appearances

Machine made

Most bricks today are made by machines. They can create uniform batches that have far fewer inconsistencies. The most common type is wire cut. Here an extrusion machine will produce a column of clay. The wire then cuts individual pieces away. The process provides a smooth finish.


A few producers still make bricks by hand the traditional way. The practice involves handling and rolling the clay before placing it in a mould. Because of the moulding the products tend to have a rougher texture. There is also more choice in terms of the size and shape of the bricks. All it takes is adapting the moulds.


A third option is to use brick from an old project that has been reclaimed. These products can be both machine or handmade. They have a different look because of the age and patina.


Finally there are some bricks that have a glaze finish. Here the brick will have a ceramic coating and receive a second firing. This creates a glossy, reflective appearance. They can be a wide array of colours and patterns thanks to the ceramic. However, the extra firing and glaze means these bricks are heavier than other options.

Talk to top bricklayers in West Yorks

Best Brickwork appreciates that people can have very different ideas for how they want their properties to look. In many cases this can come down to choosing the right type of brick. We can help, offering suggestions for different types. Our goal is to help each client get the appearance they want, whether it is a new build or matching existing brickwork.

So, if you want to work with skilful bricklayers, West Yorks has few options as good as us. Get in touch today.