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When people think about bricks they normally just focus on what they look and feel like. However, what they are made of is very important. This can have an impact on how long they will last and even how they will age. As one of the best brickwork contractors Bradford has, we know a lot about different types of brick. We want to take a closer look at what they are usually made of.

Generally bricks contain one of five different raw materials.

Burnt clay

These are the classic bricks with the reddish colour that will instantly come to mind when you think about them. Manufacturers create them from wet clay, placing it in moulds and then drying and firing them to harden it. There are generally four classes of these bricks. First class ones are the highest quality and strongest, but also the most costly.

Sand lime or calcium silicate

These bricks are a combination of sand, lime, and fly ash. Manufacturers can also add pigment to make them different colours. The mix of wet raw materials is moulded into bricks under high pressure and intense heat.


This is just a simple mix of cement and sand moulded to create bricks. Again it is possible to add pigments to make the bricks different colours. However, these are not suitable for some applications, including use below ground.

Fly ash clay

Here the bricks feature both clay and fly ash. These products are sometimes known as self cementing because they expand when they get moist. The bricks are lighter than most other materials and also offer good fire proofing.


This type of brick is a special formula of earth that has a high concentration of aluminium oxide. Again the bricks require firing. The benefit of this is afterwards they will be able to resist very high temperatures without a loss of strength or shape.

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