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A number of things determine how strong a brick wall will be. For example, you need to think about the bricks themselves, the type of mortar, and the environment. However, the brick bond is probably the most important. Choose the wrong one and you may have a structure that will fail faster than it should. Luckily, as the top brickwork contractors West Yorks has, we can suggest the right one for different needs.

Lots of choices

The great thing about brick bonds is there are lots of options. This gives people the chance to create surfaces that are strong and aesthetically pleasing. However, one question we get quite often is which bond is the strongest. We are happy to answer that here.

English Bond

If you are prioritising strength and loading, the best option is usually the English Bond. It is a distinctive pattern with rows of alternating headers and stretchers. It tends to create walls that are a full brick wide so they have better stability.

The strength and higher loading capability of English Bond walls makes it the popular choice for larger scale engineering works. For example, it is usually the best option for creating brick viaducts and bridges.

The thing to keep in mind with this bond is that it requires more bricks than most other options. As a result, if the project does not require as much strength, another option may be acceptable. For example, simple brick garden walls won’t need to use it. In a lot of cases a stretcher bond may be sufficient.

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