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The key to getting the perfect brickwork is to choose the right bricks and the correct mortar. However, there are lots of options with both. Luckily, we can help so you don’t have to risk making the wrong choices. We are one of the best brickwork contractors Wakefield has, so clients can rely on us.

What is mortar?

Before you pick your mortar, you need to understand what it is. Surprisingly, it is one of the oldest building materials with its use dating back over 10,000 years. It has been a popular choice for so long because it allows people to work with easy to handle bricks and can set to fill gaps and create sturdy, stable, structures. It is also very useful for finishing work.

Two broad types

There are two very broad categories:

Brick or stone laying – This is a strong mortar that will create strong bonds for when you lay bricks or stones.
Finishing – The second option is for pointwork and plastering and doesn’t have as much strength.

Binding material

As well as the two broad categories, it is possible to identify mortars by the binding material. There are lots of options here.

The most common type of mortar is cement. It generally includes a fine aggregate like sand mixed in the right ratio. Cement mortars can offer water resistance as well as good strength. There are also aerated types with added agents that improve workability and plasticity.

A more traditional option is lime mortar. In comparison to using cement, lime is more breathable. This makes it better when it is important not to trap moisture in materials.

A third option is gypsum. This was very popular once but is not as common today. The binder is plaster so it is not as strong. It also has lower durability if it gets damp.

Yet another choice is gauged mortar. This is known as a composite and the mix includes cement, sand, and lime. The mixture gives users the strength of cement as well as the plasticity of lime.

A final option is surkhi mortar. Here the binder is lime once again but the aggregate is a powder of burnt clay instead of sand. It has more strength.

Work with top brickwork contractors in Wakefield

One of the things that makes us a top contractor is we have the skills to work with different mortars. As a result, we can suggest and select the right ones for our clients. We can even choose ones that will look right alongside existing brickwork.

If you want help from the best brickwork contractors Wakefield has, speak to us. Best Brickwork is a reputable company that works in both the private and public sectors.