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At Best Brickwork we ensure our team have the most impressive skills. This includes the experience and training to work with various brick bonding patterns. As a result, we can give our clients more options for their bricklaying. It also ensures we are the top brickwork contractors Bradford has to offer.

What is brick bonding?

Some people may be unfamiliar with this term. However, it is rather simple. It is basically how people in our industry refer to the pattern for how the bricks are laid. It is important to choose the right bond because it will affect both the stability and aesthetics. There are lots of options, so it is a good idea to have a look at each of them.

There are two other terms you will need to know when you look at different bonding patterns; the stretcher and the header. The first is the long, rectangular face of the brick. The latter, is the short, square end face.

Different bonds

Stretcher bond

This is the most basic pattern you can choose and the one you will see most regularly. Here all the courses are laid as stretchers with the long rectangular face visible. The joints are interspersed so they are at the midpoint of the course below. One thing to keep in mind is that this kind of bond only creates a wall that is half a brick thick.

Header bond

Here all of the courses have the small square headers of the bricks visible. The layout is similar to stretcher though because the joints are in the middle of the course below. This type of bond creates walls that are a full brick thick. They use a much higher number of bricks though.

English bond

This style is a combination of the two above. It has alternating stretcher and header courses, keeping the headers centred. This kind of bond is one of the most popular in the world because it offers the most strength. It is another that creates walls that are a full brick thick.

Flemish bond

Here there are alternating stretchers and headers on each course. Each stretcher will centre above the header. This style can offer full or half brick walls. The latter is only possible by using snap headers (half bricks).

Wild Bond

This is one of the most interesting options. Here the bricks seem like they are laid at random, creating a chaotic style.

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