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Great brickwork will have high quality joints. They are an indication that the job was a professional one and that the bricklayer took care to finish them properly. As the top bricklayers Huddersfield has, we have the skills to make sure every joint is great. Clients can rely on us for repairs as well as new builds.

Structural benefits

The main reason to finish joints properly is to make the surface structurally sound. Primarily the finish can consolidate the surface of each joint, providing more protection against water ingress. This is much better than having uneven joints and spots where water could cause higher amounts of wear.

The process can also account for joint shrinkage. Moisture in the mortar can be lost via evaporation and absorption into the bricks. This happens most often in hot months and when working with warm bricks. The process can cause mortars to crack. The finishing can close them so again there is less risk of water ingress. It can make the joints last longer.

Aesthetic benefits

The main advantage with finishing is aesthetics. It is far better to have neat joints rather than messy, uneven ones. The process can also help to get rid of things like staining. Whether it is a historic property or a modern one, it is always better to have nice joints that make people consider the quality of the whole surface.

Work with expert bricklayers in Huddersfield

Best Brickwork is a team that understand how vital good joints are. We ensure we get them right on every project so the surfaces have the best weather protection and look great. Our team are skilful, able to work with various mortars, and have great credentials. As a result you can be confident you will receive the best service.

You can find out more about us on our website. There are details about our services and you can view some of our past projects. Then, if you have questions or want a quote, you can contact us.