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People have been using brick in construction for a long time. It is popular all over the world and bricklayers can showcase incredible skill when using different types of bricks. Houses with a brick exterior provide a series of benefits. We want to look at a few of them here so you know you are choosing the right material for your project.

Higher value

To begin with, brick increases home value. The cost to install bricks is higher than several other materials. However, it pays off by preserving the value. Brick is long lasting and low maintenance. Therefore, people are more willing to pay greater amounts for houses with top quality brickwork. There are estimates that put the actual property value increase at 6%.


In addition to being reliable, bricks are attractive. Skilful bricklayers can create wonderful patterns with them. As a result, this pulls in attention more than other substances.

Blocking noise

Brick aids in blocking out noise too. A quiet house outside and in is crucial for privacy and peace. Bricks are really good here because of how dense they are. That means they can grant superior soundproofing to structures. Lighter materials are not as effective.

Fire resistance

Something else you will want to know is that brick is fire resistant. Because of the way bricks are made, they are able to withstand a great deal of heat. The thicker the brick, the more resistant to fire your building shall be.

Work with the top brickwork contractors in Huddersfield

At Best Brickwork, we serve clients from both the private and public sectors. On top of this, we are happy to support private individuals. Due to our experience, we can handle all kinds of project specs. Our services include, but are not limited to, brickwork, blockwork, and ashlar walling.

If you would like the help of the best brickwork contractors Huddersfield has, please contact us. We can give you advice about different types of bricks, bricklaying techniques, and more.