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As the best brickwork contractors Wakefield has available, we aim to provide first rate results for every client. This is the case for all of our projects. Those who choose to work with us do so because they know we set the highest standards. They can rely on us to deliver great workmanship every time.

Exposed brick is something that comes in and out of fashion more often than most other interior finishes. This is true for both homes and commercial spaces. The style is an iconic one to say the least. You may think that it is the right thing for you. If so, you will want to know what all the pros are of spending the time to produce this look. Fortunately, we are here to tell you all about the benefits on offer.


To begin with, exposed brickwork is able to add contrast to your space. To increase the effect, you can mix it with a wide variety of finishes. Mirrored and high-gloss ones are always complemented well with the presence of brickwork.

The brick is also capable of adding texture to a space that is otherwise uninteresting. Moreover, it can bring warmth to your space, particularly when it is red brick. The result is a homely feel.

A less costly approach

Another noteworthy benefit is that exposing the brickwork is not as expensive as alternative wall finishes are. Keep in mind you won’t need to pay for things like plaster.

Other benefits

Leaving the brickwork visible means it is also possible to generate a focal point inside a space. This is a great example if you have chosen a nice brick bond and have quality workmanship.

Lastly, when you treat it correctly, exposed brickwork can be incredibly durable. Therefore, it is an excellent choice for high traffic locales.

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At Best Brickwork, we provide an array of services, including blockwork and ashlar walling. Thanks to our work in the private and public sectors, we have built up a large amount of experience. This includes new builds, work on large estates, conservation work, and more.

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